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IT contract law

For a number of reasons, it is advantageous for your company to draft and negotiate a clear and comprehensible IT contract …

Industrial and intellectual property rights, Licensing law

Every technology company has one central asset: its know-how. It is vital for the technology company to license its technical know-how out only to the extent necessary …

Commercial law

Most corporations are subject to constant, fast and ongoing development processes. These developments combined with other factors …


We are a strongly know-how based law firm. Since the inception of our law firm in 1997 we specialize in providing legal services to corporations pertaining to the distribution and/or procurement of technology products, application systems and related services. Over the years we have become a nationwide renowned IT/IP commercial law firm.

We are not a one stop shop. We are an IT/IP law boutique. We work exclusively on IT/IP law, industrial and intellectual property rights, licensing law and international commercial law. This being the case, our law firm is not designed to be something for everyone, but everything to someone, in our areas of expertise.

Digital Transformation Age

The 4th industrial revolution is upon us, and it is time to adjust your portfolio for the next wave of tech that will run our future economy.

The 1st industrial revolution was characterized by mechanization led by water power and the steam engine. The 2nd was mass production powered by electricity driven by oil-based power. The digital revolution or 3rd industrial revolution started 50 years ago and is coming to an end as the 4th industrial revolution takes form.

This 4th industrial revolution is building on the digital revolution emphasizing intelligence and information. Big data, cloud computing, and the illustrious artificial intelligence are going to drive the world economy as technology and information grow exponentially.

AI is always evolving and changing like a living body.